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Vision is bridging the gap between creativity and logistics on film projects. Experience full integration that frees up more time for your creative work.

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Vision Cine X is the tool you’ve been waiting for - designed to be your one-stop app from planning to production of your film projects. It combines creativity and logistics into a user-friendly platform packed with innovative features you won’t find anywhere else.

In all my years the prep process have been filled with inefficiencies and frustrations. It lacked a tool that seamlessly adapted to all the changes. Finally, Vision Cine X is that tool, saving us crucial production time, allowing us to focus on creativity and vision instead of busy work.

Oscars Nominee
& Cinematographer of Joker, Hangover, War Dogs

Lawrence Sher
Cut wasted time.
Take control.

Get on the same page.
In the same space.

Forget switching apps - Vision brings every aspect of communication together in one seamless experience.

Inbox informs you of critical changes & project development when it happens, not after.

Create, group, and assign tasks. Link assets, leave notes, and convert notifications into tasks in a snap. Set up reminders to ensure everything stays on track.

A full dedicated chat feature similar to WhatsApp & Telegram

Leave comments directly on the content for contextual chats. Set a status or open threads for in-depth discussions.

Tag team members to get their immediate attention.

Receive real-time notifications
for critical changes and project developments without overloading your inbox, thanks to smart filters. An inbox you will actually love.

Tag team members to get their full attention

Convert notifications into tasks and set statuses in a snap.

Add context to your conversations. Say you’re discussing a scene – just set a clickable relation to the mood board.

Receive real-time notifications for critical changes and project developments without overloading your inbox, thanks to smart filters. An inbox you will actually love.

It feels like magic? It is magic.Everything interlinkable

Link anything to anything - from mood boards to scenes, locations to tasks, comments to files - the possibilities are endless. End extensive searches and avoid versioning issues. Say goodbye to wasted time.

Spend more time creating,
less time managing

Onboard in no time
Pin essential files and links, such as treatments or decks, to your project's dashboard.
Keep the focus
Quickly access crew contacts, timelines, and key facts. No more searching in mails & chats.
Set company permissions
Share and build assets across projects & track your team with your company dashboard.

Express your inspirations

Compile your ideas by creating mood boards – pin them directly to locations, scenes or to anything within the app for easy access. Invite others or publish as a site with a password-protected link

Inspiration for |

location organization

Forget chaotic folders, organizing shooting locations is now streamlined. No details are left out. Attach floor plans and organize pictures into set galleries. Then, link them to your scenes and schedules.

Keep track. Make your mark.
Approve locations, set them as an option or rule them out completely.
DP’s will loooove this
Track optimal lighting using the time slot feature. Make sure it gets scheduled.
Details breezy, truly easy
Include details like address, electrical outlets, contacts & even wifi access.

Unparalleled equipment
lists & database

Our extensive gear library eliminates the need to search dozens of websites to find the equipment you need. Create as many iterations of lists, collaborate in real-time and approve changes. Then, connect your lists directly to scenes and schedules, where you can filter days by gear.

It all comes together
The Production Bible

Sync all departments with the Production Bible, a comprehensive, shared notebook linked to every scene or storyboard. Packed with smart features for collaborative planning, it offers unmatched flexibility and granular breakdowns across all departments.

Integrated strip boards
Import schedules or entire scripts, or create them directly in Vision. They automatically sync with your Production Bible, eliminating the need for manual updates.
Dive deep into each scene
Every granular detail, captured & organized by department in one unified space. Keep it private or share. Create your personalized dashboard to track what matters most to you.
Multi. Dimensional. Planning.
Directly link files, locations, equipment, or mood boards to scenes without the need to manually sync. Adding a crane to a scene automatically updates your equipment list.

AI powered search and tagging
Imagine dropbox. Just better.

Box and Google Drive are useful, but having all your project files in one place, where you can link them to other assets and manage permissions by department, is even better. Easily manage and approve files, while AI summarizes documents, and tags files and pictures for you.








Protect what’s yours

Managing large volumes of confidential information is challenging. Our industry-specific permissions enable fine-tuned privacy control that complies with corporate policy standards.

Group crew
Create permission groups and assign custom viewing, editing or managing permissions.
Password-protected links
Share anything and set an expiry date for easy tracking. Then forget about it.
Keep it all together
Import and sync assets directly from Dropbox or Google Drive

Present to clients or anyone else

Create links and public pages, which can be shared for review without sign up. Visitor can leave comments or approve assets for streamlined feedback.

Create, use, reuse

Your Vision library stores and organizes all your creations, from mood boards to equipment and locations. Save anything once and use it as a template forever, eliminating wasted time and unnecessary recreation. You can also invite a friend to create together.

A few more delicacies

Some more features that make Vision the only production tool you will ever need

Big things ahead

We don’t want to spill the beans, but imagine ShotDeck + Vision = ?

Your project, your rules

Switch off public links or require 2FA for all users. You are in control.

Profile, your personal hub

Add docs such as passport, flight loyalty & agencies. Control what others can see. Share on request.

AI assistant

How about auto-generating a call sheet or breaking down a script for you? Meet your assistant.

Our AI approach differs.

We use AI to enhance features, saving you time without compromising security - in places where it actually makes sense. Our mission is to empower, not replace, you with our powerful tools.

For set crew, producers & ADs.

Streamline your production and creative processes. Say goodbye to busy work and hello to Vision.
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